9 Tips to Be a Great Leader

Good leaders do things well. Great leaders teach and inspire others to do things well.

1. Face the facts, no matter how complicated they may be.

Great leaders identify problems early and take actions to solve them. Identifying the problems earlier gives leaders extra time to find solutions and solve problems faster than their competitors.

2. Take accountability seriously.

Great leaders hold people accountable to do what they should be doing and completing the tasks on their plate. If goals aren’t being met, they take the opportunity to discuss, gather insight, and make the adjustments necessary for the team members and the company to win.

3. Look for bright spots.

Great leaders identify those key points in the business process that can be replicated afterwards within the team in order to get long term successful achievements.

4. Develop and prioritize winning moves.

Great leaders focus on several key strategies, which they discuss and debate with their executive teams before deciding on which ones will bring the company closer to reaching its goals.

5. Scrap what’s not working.

Great leaders realize when something isn’t working, and are flexible to modify the strategy to set a better and achievable goal.

6. Focus on the best and brightest.

A great leader will recognize the strategies that will motivate and inspire their teams to push toward success.

7. Plan successful mid-term goals.

Business is a marathon, not a sprint. Focusing on mid-term goals, helps leaders to determine short-term weekly achievable goals.

8. Encourage consistency but not complacency.

When performance is consistent, great leaders take that opportunity to focus on what’s needed to take it to the next level.

9. Lead adjustment meetings.

Adjustment meetings are useful for teams to review where they are and also to discuss plans that are already or about to get off-track and provide solutions and ideas for improvement.

Remember: Great leaders teach others how to lead.