How to focus on your goals

  • Know what you want: In order to accomplish any purpose, you need to have clear what you want. Set the goal, and write it on a piece of paper, visualize it, and try to quantify it.
  • Set a deadline for your goal: How many days will you work to make it happen? Having a timeline creates the necessary ‘positive stress’ to activate yourself to find solutions. 
  • Plan a strategy: How are you going to achieve your goal? This is the way to get from point A (where you currently are) to point B (where you want to be). A good exercise is to break the process into smaller ones, where in each you have micro-goals. This will have an impact on productivity and motivation.
  • Keep in mind the magic number. Be conscious and visualize your numerical goal.  
  • Review the process. Where am I? Track your achievements in a piece of paper. Have a general view on where you are, in regards with your goal and timeline.  
  • Learn from the process. What did I do well and what could be done differently and better? Learning from mistakes helps to refine your strategy, and to grow professionally. 
  • Be persistent. Maintain your eager to reach your goal, no matter what the circumstances are. Go for it.